New API interval Limit

Hey guys anyone know what the lowest interval we can use to post 1000+ listings ? I’ve heard one minute works 1 Minute=60000 Interval, however that would take me more then a day to post all. Has anyone tried anything lower than that?

(Interval refers to the seconds between per post)

Last time i used 40 seconds i was blocked for 6 hours and restricted from api for 3 days


Hey, I would love to help but I never tried something lower than that, sorry.

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Do we have an official time on this? I’m currently using 40 seconds; would love to hear what the official limit is.

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Great post, a lot of stuff in here i did not know about :smiley:

I need serious help with Gameflip API. What is the API command to list roblox items? I have tried bulk_listing but it appears that I have to link the steam account and I get an error. I don’t know how to do this. I did the verification and my api keys but I don’t know what is the command to post items.

You have to create a Json file for each listing and run the Json through cmd. Theres an example json in the packet from github

hello i need your help