New COUPON available

Still no new codes? :sob:


ok its really been a while

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You guys need to calm down, it’s been 7 days since black friday/cyber monday. They have other weekly competitions on their twitter. No, the coupons didn’t expire in 2 hours, they expired after 2 to 3 days.

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Calm down, guy.
A. Competitions aren’t promo codes,
B. everyone Knows how long they’re supposed to last. It’s called exaggeration, and it’s a literary tool, and
C. promo codes don’t last until their expiration if they run out of uses
So relax, guy. Take a shot of eggnog and cool it


rip thought a code came out but instead my gender is getting assumed :frowning:


Jeez, no offends — your so sensitive. You should complain on gameflip to put gender mark on the app or the website. Or maybe have a profile picture of what gender you have. Please do not assume that all people know who you are or what is your Gender. I am just saying. You know the internet Is anonymous. I will not respond to any future messages regarding with this drama.

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You know that no one here care what is your gender? Literally no one.


Sooooo is the coupon code GENDR ?


My prices no need coupon

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Do these skins are unisex? Or only for men only?:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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You do realize this thread isn’t for you to advertise your sales right?


Code: HOLIY - 10% (Limit $10)


Up to 50$

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NEWY 5-% max 30%

they took down the code holidays? its not 2020 yet

Yeah that’s what I am thinking too. It’s kinda strange.

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As with all coupon codes, there is a limited quantity available (usually about 1000). This prevents bots from illegally mass redeeming them for their own benefit, or from unexpected large volumes or buyers. Because remember, gameflip’s commission is less than 10%. When the coupon is 10% or more, they lose money on each purchase, unlike other online stores.

they can’t loss money as the commission its 10% for buyer and 10% for the seller so total it’s 20%
but i don’t think but all coupons have limits for using

wtf upto $50, I could’ve used it. SMH, never saw it