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The new way feedback is displayed is great, however it is displaying one negative feedback review that had been removed due to fraud by gameflip support lowering my score unfairly to 99.9% and not 100% is there anyway you could help me with this?

I have exactly the same problem! In my case the negative had also been removed but now show up on this new feedback display.
Any way to solve this @DarkKnight or @MajorTom ?
Code: 2EE2ML

Yeah there has to be some kind of bug, I went from 54 positives to only 26 now with new system.

Not that it really matters… but put code below.


@TimandSusie_May @Ticio_Mevio Could you please check now and let me know if the feedback is still appearing?

@MadMan I can see that you still have 54 positive feedbacks, so I will further check what is happening. Could you send me a DM regarding this as well?

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it is fixed thank you very much

This feedback display is broken. I had 117 positive feedback, just waiting to get 150 positives to change my transfer to 2 (two) days and now I only have 81 positives.

My profile: A1P4FR


I have same bug (removed rating reappeared), but it seems you ignored what I wrote here. I even found transaction number.

My Invite code: EWZQJY

Thank you.

@MajorTom me too… it shows 1 neutral feedback that have already been removed
Also i have 910 good feedbacks but it only shows that i have total lifetime 860 positive feedbacks
this new system is broken somehow . it need to be fixed for everyone

Invite code : 963T3J

same problem
invite code LCVC2Z


Regarding the rating system showing fewer ratings than you guys actually have, I’m checking this further and I will have an answer for it asap.

For those that have complained about the removed neutral ratings, I got it removed once again.


god bless.tyvm

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Sorry for the huge delay, but it’s all fixed! Thank you very much for the quick solution. You rock! :slight_smile:

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