New Relevance Sorting Algorithm

Hi Flippers,

We have just tuned our parameters for sorting listings by “Relevance”. The main difference between the current and previous algorithm is that now the seller good rating score and availability to deliver (online or offline) are taken into consideration, while before the listing creation time had the highest weight among the sorting parameters.

We will continue to optimize the “Relevance” criteria for sorting listings as we collect more data and better understand the trends.



Alright so that just made life 1000x harder for new sellers even tho some can be much more professional than the ones with higher ratings. Specially knowing that many buyers [if not most] buy items off the relevance page without even looking at others. sigh

So most buyers just randomly buy whatever on the first page? Personally, I search for what I want to buy! And I’d rather see listings only from those with high reputation first.

Not the first page, the relevance ones, theres many ppl that don’t use filters well n stuff. Of course the buyers that filter by price range/ most recent n stuff will find stuff normally but it will for sure make life harder for a lot of new sellers.


The marketplace is completely unfair now. There is only one seller visible in the fortnite in-game items going back WEEKS it’s all just one seller. How is that fair to the rest of us? I’ve asked previous customers this is not just a glitch with my phone. Same problem on the website and the app


most buyers ARE already buying from the first page, thats where most of those spammers who delivers their keys 1-2 days get their sales from. This doesn’t seem to solve the issue at all, and gameflip is just making it worst for etiquette sellers.

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I have more than 5,000 positive ratings, and this did not affect the relevance of my sales, I do not understand this algorithm, because of it I don’t sell my things, for 2 days I sold only one thing, although before that I sold for 100-200 $ per day!
I actually lost my earnings because of this!

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This algorithm was improvised a few hours ago. You did not lose your earnings because of this.

well, if it’s optimized normally, I’ll be glad, because I have a good rating, I think that with normal optimization I should sell my things as before

yes, really optimized, now my things are not on page 20, but partially on page 1, 2, 3)

i love this so sellers with good ratings get a little more sunlight reward them for being good sellers

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the new algorithm is not so bad, now I understand how it works, apparently it is focused on
sellers with a good rating, a large number of sales.

exactly i love it

I will admit it does stop the API spammers and the new sellers who have no idea what they’re doing. I really hope you guys are collecting data it could definitely use some tweeking

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I agree lol the api data spammers are the worst and it totally stopped them. But I hope they can make it more fair somehow for sellers that aren’t that high rated yet.

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Good luck to those who stay!

I still need to see how new relevance sorting works and I’ll leave my opinion later, but I noticed something else messed up.

When someone goes to my profile, games listed are out of any order! Listings with my old design made long ago are now mixed up with something newer (but not newest). Why? I’d like to keep my newest and MOST WANTED listings on top, please, like it was before.

I believe this is not intentional, so please fix it so at least profiles are untouched for now.

Thank you.

EDIT: You can see my GF profile link after clicking my forum username.

EDIT 2: And there is not any option to sort my listings on my profile for buyers to see what my newest listings are, which is kind of unacceptable (on Android app is possible after tapping “View More”, but still not like it should work).


I totally agree in every point. And I really think all that is not wanted like it is now… I support when they working on improvements, but this chaos sorting now is troublesome…

The view of the personal profile makes definitely no sense like now… it’s all mixed up and cheap sold items 3 weeks ago are above new top listings… I’m trying very hard for sorting…

The sorting of the main page is not only a disadvantage for sellers it makes also shopping difficult. Specially when there is a complete new sorting after viewing each item…

And I also sold only 2 specific items since then which where found with the search… no more spontaneous shoppers…


agree with you .gameflip started to develop itself greatly.tyvm gameflip i love you so much