new scammer i guess

there is new shop today i did just notice this his listing his items on automatic delivery but saying he will send the key tell 7/7/2020, which will be pass the 3 day timer so the post will be already completed before he even send the keys, as u should check what they did write in key section if that not the key then what is it

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Hello @baaziz0yassine,

I ran this past moderators and I clearly state the region and show that the code will be sent on the day of release.

u have automatic delivery set for an item that u don’t have the keys for correct, and as keys delivery timer is 72h and and game will be released after 72+ , so im not sure what u mean sent on day of release
plus u can’t list an item u don’t have with automatic delivery unless if u have the item as that how it’s work

Hello @baaziz0yassine,

I already have the codes for the game, but I am not allowed to release them until the official release date. I passed this through a moderator and it was fine. I am fine with you stating out that you see it is wrong, but please don’t accuse until you know the full conversation.

i really doubt that an admin would say that it’s fine to pet fake key or random words in key section, as anyone who would buy that would open a dispute, and as if u have keys then u can list them as there is other shops with that game key and they have the keys listed and there selling them, as if ur not allowed to send the keys then wait for the game release then post it.

  • as personally those posts looks a bet scamy for me making them automatic delivery and saying u would deliver the keys in 4 days, so i did wanna notify the mods and as if u said u already asked them and they said yes u would be fine but if ur breaking the rules they would take actions for it.

There’s no need for any drama on forums as I always wrote. If you found any scammers, people who break rules or anything similar, DM MajorTom/DarkKnight directly instead. They will always look into those accounts. If they broke rules, they will take action accordingly.

That’s what I always do when I find people who break rules. If I make topics about scammers/people who break rules, it would be like 5 topics everyday. It would flood the forums for no reason and also create drama that is not needed because it will not help in anyway.