New Subscription Plans! #JOINTHECLUB


The wait is over flippers!

Our CLUB is expanding and there’s now space for every seller in the hood.
Check the latest subscription plans here:

Let me introduce you to the CLUB:

Gamer CLUB

Are you a new seller looking to try Gameflip for the first time? That’s the spot in the CLUB.
Sell for ABSOLUTELY ZERO fees with a cap of $50.

Like what you see? Cool, so you can use your zero-fee-magical-earnings towards your next subscription.

Oh… did I say it has a FREE trial for 30 days? Pfff, crazy right?


This is our top pick! 6% commission and 0% digital fees will make your profits fly high into the sky.
You also get VIP priority for your tickets. The cap for this plan is $500 USD for every 30 days.

Ultra CLUB

Large volume seller? Wholesale? Or just a player earning like a baws? Yep, you’re going ULTRA.

Our ultimate profit booster offers a $5,000 cap, so you can keep the profits high for the long haul.
8% commission, 0% digital fees and VIP support are also featured in this plan.


Look no further if your shop delivers goods via Bot-trade.
0% digital fees, 4% commission and a $5,000 cap with VIP support.

Can this thing be beaten? Oh my :slight_smile:

For the VIP support, there’s no special feature within the site or app. If you are a member of the CLUB, your support tickets will get higher priority.

I guess I didn’t forget anything, but please let me know if you have questions :star_struck:




I loved the new rates, I’m using the 4% bot plan, I’m super happy now !!!


please add 4% bot plan Sales Cap $25000 ~ $50000
for example
Bot CLUB-1 % digital fees, 4% commission and a 5,000 cap with VIP support. price: 1
Bot CLUB-2 % digital fees, 4% commission and a 50,000 cap with VIP support. price: 50

last 24h Sales Used: 782.72 I will filled in 1 week 5000 and I will have to wait 3 weeks to be renewed :frowning:


awesome. love it.
It fits my requirements for selling perfectly, great job !


Now that the bot trades seem more appealing can you add TF2 BOT trades pls?
Also would be nice a feature to sell the same items “X” amount of times.
For example if i want to sell 200 keys and all at the same price.