New Subscription Plans! #JOINTHECLUB

The wait is over flippers!

Our CLUB is expanding and there’s now space for every seller in the hood.
Check the latest subscription plans here:

Let me introduce you to the CLUB:

Gamer CLUB

Are you a new seller looking to try Gameflip for the first time? That’s the spot in the CLUB.
Sell for ABSOLUTELY ZERO fees with a cap of $50.

Like what you see? Cool, so you can use your zero-fee-magical-earnings towards your next subscription.

Oh… did I say it has a FREE trial for 30 days? Pfff, crazy right?


This is our top pick! 6% commission and 0% digital fees will make your profits fly high into the sky.
You also get VIP priority for your tickets. The cap for this plan is $500 USD for every 30 days.

Ultra CLUB

Large volume seller? Wholesale? Or just a player earning like a baws? Yep, you’re going ULTRA.

Our ultimate profit booster offers a $5,000 cap, so you can keep the profits high for the long haul.
8% commission, 0% digital fees and VIP support are also featured in this plan.


Look no further if your shop delivers goods via Bot-trade.
0% digital fees, 4% commission and a $5,000 cap with VIP support.

Can this thing be beaten? Oh my :slight_smile:

For the VIP support, there’s no special feature within the site or app. If you are a member of the CLUB, your support tickets will get higher priority.

I guess I didn’t forget anything, but please let me know if you have questions :star_struck:



I loved the new rates, I’m using the 4% bot plan, I’m super happy now !!!

please add 4% bot plan Sales Cap $25000 ~ $50000
for example
Bot CLUB-1 % digital fees, 4% commission and a 5,000 cap with VIP support. price: 1
Bot CLUB-2 % digital fees, 4% commission and a 50,000 cap with VIP support. price: 50

last 24h Sales Used: 782.72 I will filled in 1 week 5000 and I will have to wait 3 weeks to be renewed :frowning:

awesome. love it.
It fits my requirements for selling perfectly, great job !

Now that the bot trades seem more appealing can you add TF2 BOT trades pls?
Also would be nice a feature to sell the same items “X” amount of times.
For example if i want to sell 200 keys and all at the same price.

Can I use the Bot Club plan even if I’m not selling CSGO or other games? I’m not playing CSGO, but I want the privilege of Bot Club, is it possible to get the privilege of Bot Club and then sell other in-game items like Roblox?

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no, bot club is only for games like csgo/dota/h1z1 or rust.

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Is there any way to automatically respond or type a message when a buyer is going to buy my pets? Is there any way to list instantly the pets that I just sold? If yes, please teach me or make a video in youtube. Thank you <3

Hello @Karl_Alaras,

Currently, we do not have any of those functions on the Gameflip marketplace.

Your need to take action manually if you want to list an item again or if you need to contact a buyer for the first time on a purchase.

God Speed! :trident:

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Is there VIP buyer plan or are these all for sellers only?

Hello @almoch,

There are currently no subscription plans for buyers, but usually for buyers, there are lots of promotions and discount codes.

Stay tuned to our notifications, twitter and promotions page for more information on promotions and discount codes.

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:

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