Not getting notifications for followed items.

I’m not getting email or phone notifications for my followed items. Ive made sure the settings are turned on. I’ve turned them off and on, I’ve tried brand new followed items, but still do not get alerts. I’m constantly missing items that I see appear in my follow list but never got an alert for. How can I make this work? As of now I have to constantly manually check.

I get notifications just fine when I receive a message from a seller, so I know notifications in general do work.

Were you using the Android or iOS app? There should be a list of per-app notification preference in your phone’s settings page. Check to see if you accidentally disallowed the Gameflip app from giving notifications. If you can get notifications from the app but specifically not from the Follow feature, try re-adding those follows, or clearing the app’s cache and reinstall as a last resort.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I’m using iOS, and I did make sure. I do get gameflip notifications when I get a message from seller and a notification when the item was shipped. Those notifications seem to work correctly. I’m just not getting notifications for new followed items. I’m not getting the emails either which rules out the app setting as being the issue.