Notified of possible Scammer/Impersonator

I created a support ticket but wanted to escalate it here (#287553) as I was notified of someone who is impersonating my store and then using my reputation and image to scam users out of materials. Just want to bring this to attention as I have been notified by multiple people of this activity.

I want to clarify, the impersonation attempt is rather weak, but more concerned about the scamming attempts I have been told about with this user.

Thank you,

Ray’s Chop Shop

I haven’t been impersonated yet… I wish I was famous like you Ray :cry:

Lol w/e :slight_smile: but on a serious note I did get a few people telling me about this guy. I couldn’t care less about the impersonating part, just crappy if he is scamming people.

Link to his profile? Im kinda curious

I suggest you guys link to his profile (and report him). The linking to his profile would help others avoiding the scammer.

KingStylah will try to hustle and scam you…first he sends you a code so the “waiting for acceptance” can pop up without having to actually deliver the goods, then he tries to change up the deal after purchase and then wants to know what you can make…the technique is called “rope-a-dope”

If you post the scammer’s profile link here a moderator can go and investigate. Posting the scammer’s display name won’t help because they can just change it.

So is me creating a ticket stand linking here like I did not enough? I’m just asking because haven’t seen my request looked at and it’s been a day or so.