Official Statement II: Payouts taking longer

Hello Flippers,

We are aware that payouts are taking longer than usual, but rest assured as your payouts will be fulfilled and the funds will be transferred to your PayPal or Bitcoin wallets as soon as possible. As most experienced users know, Gameflip is committed to providing the safest and most transparent marketplace experience and we’re sticking to these core values of ours.

Here’s the reason why it’s taking longer than usual:
Large influx of sales, new sellers and payouts

As you might be aware of, we’re experiencing an unusual large amount of purchases and based on this opportunity of demand, thousands of users have been listing new items on Gameflip and placing payout requests for their earned funds. We appreciate all the support and we definitely hope you are having a great experience with our marketplace.

However, this influx of sales created some challenges on our payout system which is causing delays. We are still paying out sellers every day, but we hope you understand that we need few days to adapt to the sudden growth, so we can continue to provide a high quality service for every one.

No user should be concerned of not being paid out if they sold items on Gameflip. Payouts are being processed from oldest to newest, so whenever you request a payout it will be placed in a queue for fulfillment.

I’m here for anything else you might want to discuss.

Thank you!


@op_JOkEr hello, can you checked my request ticket #154321 thanks before.

are you able to cashout if your paypal is not verified?

I do have a few questions and issues. I’ve seen people register the day after my cash out (and others) request, sell items, and cash out with screen shots, some of higher amounts so it can’t be by oldest can it? Why should these new sellers affect older sellers (especially if cash out requests were before the influx of sellers yesterday). Can we get any estimate of how long we should expect to wait in this queue? Can sellers who have already provided all necessary forms of verification have their tickets looked into first as they should be much quicker to approve? I appreciate you taking the time to address this.

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Yes. If you were able to link your PayPal account to Gameflip, there should be no problem.

Shouldn’t happen. Can you provide me evidences via PM for investigation?

It depends on when you posted the payout request. Tomorrow we expect have a large portion of the payouts fulfilled.

Tickets or payouts? If you’re talking about payouts, we’ve always used a first come first serve criteria, but being ID verified definitely can speed up the process.

Would you guide me on how to verifie my ID? I’ve been selling on gameflip for over a year and i don’t remember if i’m verified or not because i never needed that i think . And if that would speed up the payout process i’m pretty interested on doing so.

ID verification is mostly used for buyers, that’s why.
It won’t speed up your payouts dramatically, but you can submit your docs at the Settings page on the site. That flow is still being rolled out on mobile clients.

Alright, thank you. I would still upload my id to be verified in case of future needs

I don’t trust everything 100% since items are selling for over double the price.

This must be something to do with fraud or money laundring.

My question is: IF it’s credit card fraud (or something else) would our paypal payouts be disputed?

No. That’s not something we do.

No it’s not. As mentioned previously in the forum, our risk assessment tools are very sensitive and no user would be able to buy large amounts without going through a very strict verification.

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I’m selling skins here one year now!I have 13k feedback and this is the first time I’m writing on forum! We all know about all these new buyers. Gameflip is almost empty and you can find only overpriced skins. What are you doing about this? you are letting all that suspicious buyers destroying your replication! These buyers will not be here for long and what you are going to to get for these? You are gonna loose all that normal buyers who’s supporting your site all this time. And I’m wondering… Is this what you want? Do you want to close gameflip? Does this happening because of this new site flip? If you are not going to stop these over-priced sales and start the payouts the next hours gameflip will close! And you posting this topic to tell us that everything is fine go sell your skins. How we can trust you? And why when all that happening at the same time! And the most suspicious is that gameflip doing nothing! Like everything is fine and normal. And one last thing about all these new rich buyers, why they are are not going to spend their money to an other site that they can find more skins and don’t have to pay 2× or ×3? Maby because they can’t? Gameflip wake-up! All these it’s not normal and we are not stupid! I’m really sorry about my English but I think you all can understand me!

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how to i view the state of my pending withdraws?

I have a problem with Connecting my Paypal account to my Gameflip account. I have contacted Paypal and they said that they notice the API being granted, but then bounced back again, so it has to be a server side issue and not my account.

I have a verified paypal and have not registered any paypal accounts onto my gameflip account. After agree-ing to the process consent it just keeps saying “Cannot connect to your paypal account”. Please look into this :slight_smile: thanks!

Hi! I understand what’s going on with the payouts, however I requested a $2000 payout yesterday, and I haven’t got my funds (which I don’t expect to yet) but when I look at my account it doesn’t say the withdraw is pending, and it says the withdraws ‘need approval’ what does this mean? How long does it take? Thanks :slight_smile:

Wallet>Request Payout>History

No one knows, that’s why everyone is concerned.

Well you are saying they are being processed from oldest to newest why did my newer payout come before my older payout?

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