PayPal settings and Email Notifications


Jun 5, 12:51 -03

Hello, I was in a hurry yesterday (June 5) to withdraw to another paypal account but I couldn’t find a way to do that because I can only see one paypal account there, I don’t want to change my default paypal account, I just wanna know if there is a way to change (temporary) my paypal account to another one? I read on forums that only users with 50+ sales can do this but I have plenty more than 50 sales.

My another question is, if there is a way to get email notifications when users comment my lists? The Android App doesn´t work well so I need to receive email notifications because push notifications only works like 50% of the time. Thanks for your time!

I am getting a reply every 4-5 days via email and supposedly have VIP support because of my pro club subscription.

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Hello Mago6246!

Well, unfortunately, you are only able to have one Paypal at a time, but if you would like to change it and have more than 50 sales, we will be more than happy to remove the current one on your account so you can change it.

Now, regarding the notifications, we currently have the following options:

I will save your ideia to receive e-mail notifications when users comment on your listings and see if we can implement this on future updates.

God speed!

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Ohhh I see… well I don’t wanna change my default paypal account to be honest. And I thought there is a way to get email notifications for comments. Ok then, appreciate your time and thanks for the help. Have a good day.