PayPal won’t let me link to retrieve money

I just sold 2 items and have money in my wallet but for 2 days now iv been trying to link my paypal and it says that there was an error and to try again, but it gives me the same message every time. Help. Need the money.

Did you or someone else already linked that PayPal account to another Gameflip account? Could you please give a screenshot of the error, was it on web or app? If it was web you can also try to link PayPal using the Android or iOS app.

For a moderator to help you they’ll need your invite code.

Okay so it wouldn’t let me link my PayPal but I was able to link my wife’s. Now the first transaction went through, but I sent another amount after and it says “waiting approval” why does it have to be approved?

Z1A9FC this is my invite code


That is why some information needs to be checked in order for the payout be processed with no errors. If it wasn’t released yet, it will be released within the next 24 hours.

Thank you.