Photo uploads in message section is insanely slow and stalling

When I first started about 6 weeks ago, it was relatively fast. But it got progressively slower, to the point where now it can take over a minute to upload a 35 Kb pic, and up to 3 minutes for a 200 Kb pic.

That’s slower than the old 56K dial up modems! Plus, sometimes it just stalls out with an error message.

This makes it a real pain to close out a transaction.

I just did a speed test, and my upload is testing at 0.5 mbs, which comes out to about 62 Kbs. Normally I’m around 2 mbs, but even at .5 mbs, it should only take a few seconds to upload these files.

Can you please check things on your end and see what the problem might be?

Hey you are the only one complaining abot that. And the upload you related is pretty slow in order to send any info over the internet.

We recommend you to use another web browser and improve your upload speed.

If this issue still persists, please contact us at, so we can talk and investigate this further.


I’ll fill out a ticket for it. Even at 0.5 mbs, it should only take a few seconds, not 1-2 minutes.

For example, I can upload larger pics to photobucket and it only takes 2-4 seconds. I just don’t have this upload issue anywhere else. It’s exclusive to this site.

I will try a different browser though, before I fill out a ticket to try and eliminate that possibility.