Please be careful

Please be careful.

Someone from my friends list bought(Hexed) an item from me. I delivered to him. After 2or3 min Scammer(Awstyn) added me and he said ‘’ i bought hexed’’ . LOL

He is checking Rocket League - Steam - Sold items and adding to everybody. He is trying to scam.

Please don’t fall into this trap

Always check the steam address that the buyer sends you on the order screen
Have a good day!

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Hi Ewgar,

I came across him today as well, just remember to always confirm Order ID no. with the buyer before delivering the item.

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Nice catch! But how do they know your Steam profile? I think the best way is not to post your profile publicly in the listing or on your Gameflip profile, but only send it to the customer via chat in the order page.

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