Please help me (thank you)

Hello, I sell fortnite stw builds on gameflip and its usually 3-5 hours of building. My question is if I’m half way done building and the person has to get off and doesn’t get on within the next 3 day delivery what can I do to prevent getting scammed of the 50 percent of the building is done and the buyer would not let me finish it.

Hey :slight_smile:

For that, it is risky. Buyer can cancel transaction after delivery time + 12 hours grace period is up. It would be better to decline the buyer and not do it rather than risking it.

If it already happened, all I can advise is that you need the buyer to confirm that he will be busy within the next 3 days and will not cancel order in the messages when he has to go off so that you will have proof if he decides to try to scam. You will also need to record you going into game with the buyer and making the builds as more proof that you made it just incase.

The only thing is to record from the point the buyer says he need to go and if buyer cancels order after 3 days and do not let you finish, you can contact Support but I don’t think it’s feastible since build wasn’t finished and they couldn’t possibly give you half the amount. Best to never have the situation.

When a buyer buys, you could let them know that it must be done within the 3 days and secure a time where both are online. If can’t within 3 days, best to not do it or the buyer can buy the listing again at a later date.

Well, you can also contact Support regarding your question and see if they will have any solutions as well.