plz help me gameflip

so normally i list anythin and its at the top of the relevance page for that game but now when i post stuyff it isnt tat the top so nobody really sees it anyone know why? :frowning:


Can you send me screenshots of an example of this so I can help you out?


send you a screenshot of what, so basically i list something for roblox and its not even on the page where i look for roblox stuff?
but when i chance to most recent its there but i would like to know why its not at top of relevance page as nobody really sees it as its not there but normally when i list something its at the top of that page?
also i sold some fifa coins earlier but the guy doesnt knowhow to rate it and its got like 2 days and 19 hours or something left before he has to rate it what should i do seen as he doesnt even know how to rate it?!