Possibility of auctioning

It may be just a suggestion but auctioning is a good way for the prices of video games to stay at a reasonable price. Because lately I’ve been seeing sellers try to sell things at GameStop prices and why would I want to buy something online if I can buy it in town for the same price. Well unless it’s a deal I aint buying.

I’m kinda confused, why would you want to use auctions to get deals? That just makes it so that the people selling the product would lose money at some points or the buyer would overpay on other points.

Auctions do well because some people want to sell fast and aren’t worried about the highest sale price possible because they want fast money. Sellers in search of fast money are willing to accept less money and a buyer in that scenario wins when this is the case. Many people are willing to take less guaranteed money today than a wait in hopes of more money tomorrow. Depending on the situation, auctions can create a win-win for both buyers and sellers. Sellers especially are happy when a bidding war starts on a high demand item because the price is driven up. Buyers experience the same joy when an item needs to be sold but the demand simply isn’t there and price is driven down.

A reasonable in-between is a “best offer” scenario in which buyers and sellers can negotiate a price that everyone is happy with. Both are free to walk away from a sale if they can’t reach a price point on which they agree and no harm done. Its faster than an auction and can be cheaper than a strictly priced marketplace. You are right on when you say people can lose money and others may pay more than they wanted, but for some this is okay.

Many sellers are willing to take less today to close a sale rather than risk losing the sale altogether, in hopes of making more in the future.

Thanks for the suggestion! :blush: Behind the scenes and such, our team has been talking about implementing a similar feature for a while where buyers and sellers and communicate directly on price, rather than indirectly through comments about changing the price. Currently, we’re focused on other aspects of the app like optimizing the Buy-Sell flow, fixing bugs, and implementing promotions. But an idea like this really is in our roadmap :sparkles:


Thank you!

I was really getting tired of using comments to offer certain customers deals that I would not offer to the community at large. I like the ability to adjust pricing as a kind of “thank you” for being a repeat buyer or loyal member of GameFlip.

Making our private dealings public for all to see is a lot of extra work, especially if I want to remove comments once we reach (or fail to reach) an agreement. As it stands now, I have to pull listings and start them all over as brand new ones if I want to remove comments from a listing.