Problem with API data

I retrieved the following result with a query I made
but it seems that the seller score and rating are not equal with these which are presented in the sellers profile which in the current example is 100% in the profile page but 0.43 at the API result above

=== Listing 70e912f6-e051-49d1-afa2-d267c6f4f748 {
“id”: “70e912f6-e051-49d1-afa2-d267c6f4f748”,
“kind”: “item”,
“description”: “Steam key\nUS/Global”,
“owner”: “us-east-1:3c58b0b3-e433-4afd-ba0f-86b761b76943”,
“category”: “CONSOLE_VIDEO_GAMES”,
“name”: “Nuclear Dawn”,
“platform”: “steam”,
“genre”: [
“price”: 100,
“accept_currency”: “USD”,
“digital”: true,
“digital_region”: “none”,
“digital_deliverable”: “code”,
“photo”: {
“41fffedb-0d00-4042-b1d0-3dce511bfa80”: {
“display_order”: 0,
“status”: “active”,
“view_url”: “
“9f6e1645-3e82-4bf9-8855-eb98342c0914”: {
“status”: “active”,
“view_url”: “
“cover_photo”: “9f6e1645-3e82-4bf9-8855-eb98342c0914”,
“status”: “onsale”,
“shipping_predefined_package”: “None”,
“shipping_fee”: 0,
“shipping_paid_by”: “seller”,
“shipping_within_days”: 0,
“expire_in_days”: 90,
“expiration”: “2020-05-21T21:43:35.757Z”,
“visibility”: “public”,
“seller_score”: 0.43849391955098216,
“seller_ratings”: 94,
“created”: “2020-02-21T21:43:10.328Z”,
“updated”: “2020-02-21T21:43:35.757Z”,
“version”: “10”