Problem with Order

Hello, I opened this account on the forums because I have started two tickets about this issue and haven’t gotten an answer.

My name on the app is Sergio F. Uribe, and I paid for Mario Kart 8 last Wednesday. The price was 35 dollars, but it ended up being 23 since I had 12 in credit. There was no problem at all with getting the game, but as soon as I got the game and tried it, it didn’t work. It said that the disc is invalid and dirty, and I tried cleaning it several times with no success.

I first opened a ticket about this issue on Saturday (which is the day that I got the game), but got no answer. Since I thought that this had to do with the fact that it was a weekend I decided to wait. On Monday I read that there’s a three day window to talk about getting the refund, so that day I opened another ticket.

The problem is that I didn’t get an answer either, and I got a notification from the app saying that the transaction was completed (I never rated the seller), so I’m afraid that I might end up not getting the refund or the chance to return the game.

I’d like to get a solution for this issue as soon as it is possible. Also, since the shipping was free, does that mean that returning the game again is going to be free for me? I don’t really want to lose any money on this since I think that it was not my fault the game does not work and that it is defective.


Hey @Unwired. Sorry to hear about this and apologize for the delay. We have had an influx in tickets due to the App growing quickly, but I do believe we have someone assisting you in this matter now.