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Like a year ago I was warned with a pretty threatening email by gameflip saying that my profile was violating gameflip terms of use because I had my discord on my profile, claiming that sellers are not allowed to agree on a deal outside gameflip. So I deleted it, now… pretty much every profile I see has telegram contact information and I don’t see gameflip threatening them. So my question here is: I get this mail just because someone reported me, or what’s going on here? Thanks!

Hello @Mago6246
Support doesn’t have time to investigate each profile one by one. It’s still very much against terms so if you wanna report those users fell free


And yes you more then likely got reported.

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Just to add on,

If you really got warned with a threatening email, then you should contact Support.
Same with the users you see has other contact Info in profiles, you can contact Support too.

It was a year ago I don’t even have the mail but it was very threatening specially since I didn’t even know back then it was against gameflip rules. I just needed to know if it was someone reporting me and noxcy already clarify that, I don’t mind for other users to do this so I won’t report. I don’t know why someone will report this tbh but thanks for the help. I appreciate it!