question to cancel

About an hour ago, I bought currency for this popular game in Roblox called Jailbreak in hopes of getting a head start but when I started playing, I noticed that the game is a laggy and is sometimes unplayable so I wont be able to use the currency that I bought.

The seller have not delivered my item yet but it’s too late for me to cancel the order because the cancel button is long gone so I sent him/her a message asking to cancel my order and gave him a reason why.

If the seller doesn’t cancel, what can I do?

You may check the delivery time stated. It is either 1,2 or 3 days. Some sellers are nice and will cancel for you. Some might not be nice. They will make you wait till the delivery time is up because they feel that you wasted their time.

You can CANCEL order after the stated delivery time. Because that is the promised dateline that sellers set. (A button will show up in the order) If they go forward and click that they have sent item even though you didn’t get it, you can open dispute and report them. (Highly will not happen because that will get themself into trouble.).

Pretty easy to solve tbh. Goodluck.

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