Quick question.

I bought some rocket league credits on ps4 from a guy who said was online but it’s been a couple hours without a response and I was wondering if you could cancel the purchase so I could go on and buy the credits from another buyer thanks :pray:
My code is YQAP2Z @DarkKnight

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Did you comment on his listing and he replied that he is online? If not, he probably wasn’t online.

They cannot help you cancel an order early without a valid reason.
Do note that sellers have the promised delivery time + 12 hours of grace period to deliver the item upon being purchased. Then you can cancel order by yourself if seller still did not reply.

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The seller canceled it by himself :+1: but thank you guys for the fast replies and good advice

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pls help me a buyer terror me, how to make a thread?

Hello @Leonn_Belozza,

Could you please provide me the order ID so I can take a look?

God Speed! :trident: