Random Listing Suspended For no reason!

I Got suspended again for random listing but I don’t see where i used random listings in my post.
Now i have 3 orders to deliver and i am helpless.
I see gameflip people sell glitches people sell fake codes but they never get suspended i got around 800 Positive review and never had any problem but you guys keep suspending my for account for no reason.
Atleast Let me cash out and i am done with gameflip.

My Code: 3MKEN7

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@DunnBiscuit can you help me please :slight_smile:

Submit a ticket to support here

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The support doesn’t help at all in this case! They just reply you back why you was suspended thats all. Happened to me before.

I am just here because i actually didn’t use any random listing. I always specify the item which i am selling. Its just a misunderstanding!

Restricting the sale of any product that buyers have no assurances of quality and characteristics. Starting July 1st 2016, any “Random” listing available on the marketplace will be deleted!

I clearly specified what the buyer was getting even listed all the names of weapon and materials they can choose from! Then why?
I had the same issue before so i changed the whole mystery box thing! Basically put everything in the description where the buyer have the full write to choose whatever they want! It says the exact number exact item weapons they can choose! Sold over 300 without a problem.

This person sold so many of these it violates all the terms! Using random tags random listing but i never got any reply from you guys.
Isn’t it partial?

Now look at mine where is says random boxes? Clearly the buyer choose what they want! Specified the number. Listed all he weapons available and you suspend me? But not him!

Here another example! But no action takesn

And the list keep on going!

This is still considered a loot box/random box since you add an “at least 1x modded/Legacy Included” and “50X 6* RARE MATERIALS”

You need to specify every single item and quantity you are selling.

Your suspension is for 7 days, therefore, contact me after 4/22 so I can evaluate your account again.

Regarding the other user you reported, please send a link to his profile to me via PM so I can investigate this further.