redeeming digital code mishap in general guide.( for BUR)

hey gameflip team. i was looking over the digital buying/ selling list and i ran into something that needs to be fixed.

I was looking at “How do i activate my Uplay code?” and when you click the link it shows pics of Origin. not uplay.

I clicked on “How do i activate my Origin code?” and it shows up normally as origin.
I checked every other 1 and they are what they are.
The uplay is the only 1 that is incorrect to my knowledge.
Unless they share the same client server? I am honestly not to sure.
If im wrong please let me know as i dont know. But if i am right please work on getting this fixed. Thanks :slight_smile:

Good catch! I’ll add that to my list to fix for this week. I’m also going to start tackling those Digital Overviews here soon too :wink:

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thanks glad i caught it. and good im tired of seeing under construction lol