Region locks need to be more clearly displayed

I have been selling region locked codes and some people purchase the item which is instant delivery then tell me it doesn’t work for their region. I clearly display the region lock in the title, description, and region lock field yet people from out of the region still buy. I cannot refund them because it’s instant code delivery and they dispute me. I win the cases but the customer always leaves bad feedback and I have no way of removing this bad feedback. A good upgrade would be a warning popup or something that appears if the region lock does not match the users billing region.

Add flags to the pictures. Talk to dunnbiscuit he can remove your bad ratings

I understand what you’re feeling but this is the fault of the buyers, not yours or Gameflip’s.

Some people are just ignorant/careless and they buy anything without reading a single word in the page or check the rules before committing to something. There’s just nothing anyone can do to solve that. It’s just how some people’s mind works, and when you run a business, you just have to live with it and defend yourself. Let them dispute you because you’ll just win the case, and contact a mod after that to remove those negative ratings as it wasn’t your fault.

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Yea. They might be faking it… they can create a user for that country and use the code

yes I have won the case but it is very annoying. One out of every 20 sales is some idiot who did not read the listing or bought the wrong item and does not understand why I cannot cancel it when the code is instant delivery.