Remove money from account blocked

Hey there. I have waited for an issue to get solved for too long now and nobody seems to care. So now, I only want to take out my money from your web service. I can’t login because the android app blocked my phone number. I can’t wait for 30 days to unblock my phone number or buy another one to login. Can anyone help me, because I’m sure you guys are breaking some laws by keeping on freeze my money.

Support need your code . U can find him on your gameflip profile

Is this money you deposited into the account? Or money from items sold? If its money you deposited, you cannot withdraw that money, you accept that once you load it. (Gives you a warning when you do it)

My code is CME6H3, is there any way to contact support where I don’t have to wait 1-2 days per reply?

Money from items sold

Aside from the forums and that ticket system linked above, no.

Is weird how come a service that involves real money doesn’t have a better support service. I have no idea what to do by now, they are not replying my emails anymore.