Request a gift card from me if you want

i still doesnt have a public that has their preferences on gift cards so to doesnt waste too much money buying codes to at the end no one buys that, i’m having to ask buyers to request me their desired gift card

Reselling gift cards for any brands (like steam, xbox, playstation, google play and something else) and also for any region and currency you would like to redeem like EUR or GBP

provide me the brand (like steam, google play, xbox), region, what you want to redeem and how much (ofc can be items, membership or currency, being it regional or in-game)
the region is simply your country and/or regional currencies your account is accepting
a item example is a code to a fortnite skin
membership example is the playstation plus and xbox live

region currency are currency that really exists in real life and can be outside of the game like USD, EUR, GBP, CAD and its going to variate depending on the region and any one is going to be charged in USD on a gameflip transaction as gameflip is not giving us the wallets to some more currency, just USD and FLP

and in-game currency are currency that only exist in that game like robux on roblox, v-bucks on fortnite and minecoins in minecraft

for more information, you can post a reply to this topic, visit my profile on gameflip to read some stuff available as you can post a reply to request a card and then visit my profile to buy when i post it on sale lol xd

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But the cards are worth less than their price though, no discount?

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This just means the seller doesn’t want the card anymore and he is selling for a cheaper price, seller bought the card in a bulk purchase or there is a higher chance to you get scammed, they can’t simply sell cheaper as gameflip is gonna charge fees to sell and to withdraw as the option you pick can charge fees again to withdraw to your bank account (payooner gonna charge fees for example) and to buy the card you have to gift profit to the company (like steam if you want a card from steam), also a profit to the guy who sold you the card, profit to gameflip, profit to your bank, profit to government (taxes for the purchase and your income tax) and finally a few cents for you. Also this is to request a card, not to ask me something that you can find the answer on my profile

I believe and I agree they don’t worth that much, like why spend $11 on the card if you can only purchase on steam and you could get anything else for $11 ? steam isnt going to sell a $10 USD card for just $5 and that’s the reason you won’t find something REALLY trustworthy ones when looking for cheaper

The world is not lost yet, doing my best to lower the prices