Roblox - Assassin

Got Dragon Breath, Candy Slayer, Flame Mace, Bat Scythe, Holiday Blade X3, Candy Blade (a few), Cryoshard, dark horse, Legend Hammer, Neutron (a few), Electron (a few), gifted blade (a few).

Edit - Much more Exotics now! Look it up :smiley:

I mean you can look it up and if you find it too expensive or something, we can work something out don’t worry. Can Negotiate, :slight_smile:

Good luck to all Buyers/Sellers.

Best Regards,
Sparkling Juice

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Update - alot BGS (bubble gum simulator) and Mining Simulator Items as well. Mining Simulator free feel to ask anything :slight_smile: if u r looking for anything on Mining Simulator :wink:
For Assassin, if price too high for it, just message and we can sort things out. Same for others. Thanks!

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It’s not that expensive, it really worth the price.


No advertising other websites. Also This was 1 month ago. I don’t sell much Assassin Stuff anymore. Thanks!