Roblox Robux Prices

A mainstream seller sells Robux at $0.5 (e.g 1000 Robux at $5, 2000 Robux at $10, etc.) I’m aware that someone may have the extra couple Robux, and wants to sell them quick, say at $0.5, but this seller has been selling over 100,000 Robux ($500+) in a few short months, and still continues to do so.

My question is: How is the seller able to supply customers which such cheap prices, especially when Roblox themselves sell the Robux at nearly double the price this seller is sellng at?

Thanks for any responses.

I’m guessing these prices have better rates than the Roblox Dev exchange where they give $350 per 100,000 robux exchanged. Also you would need to have a premium subscription and a whole lot of other stuff to be eligible to exchange. I guess selling on Gameflip gives more money than the Roblox Developer Exchange.

Hello, they have their ways. No seller would reveal how since it would potentially affect their business. But one of the simpler way would be through flipping expensive limited items. A lot of factors are involved in flipping though.

Roblox Dev exchange is only for Game creators that earn Robux from Games they made on Roblox. Robux gained from elsewhere cannot be exchanged there.
Most if not all Sellers do not obtain their Robux from their games/gamepasses on Roblox. Your point is true. However, there is low if not no chance of a famous Game creator selling Robux instead of using the Roblox Dev exchange.

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The dev exchange eligibility is not limited to only game creators. As stated in the terms (shown in your attached screenshot), robux revenue from sales of user created clothing can be counted towards the exchange.

There are some groups on Roblox that specialize in selling clothing as their main business and also may happen to be a large seller of robux on Gameflip (perhaps by the group owner who has control over the funds/revenue). However, I’m not sure if the owner of the group can use the group funds towards the dev exchange to cash out for themselves. Nonetheless, Gameflip seems to provide a better alternative to this program as this site does see a lot of traffic.

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That is true. But barely any clothing groups would do that since it’s not that profitable and it goes under review first when cashing out.

Yep, they can as long he/she meets the other requirements but mostly only Game Devs uses the Dev exchange.

Getting a little off topic haha :slight_smile: can DM me if any doubts or other questions :slight_smile:

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