Scammed with Gift cards


please I have two tickets with problems with gameflip
The first is My account locked because using a new card for payment verification purpose, about 1 week of sending the ID selfie, ID, payment picture etc. But the support have not approved My information to restore My account, nor update nor nothing associated with this ticket number 814653

Now the next problem is about a problem with two orders with walmart gift cards, the support gave this to the seller’s favor just because the gift cards can be redeemed, but the thing to note and to not trust is when these cards are associated with something suspicious, it Will be flagged as fraud everytime I place an order, after 1 hour of placing order I get all the time My order cancelled with this seller’s code “flagged as fraud”. I contacted Wal-Mart and they can’t do anything if gift cards are suspicious, so in spite of saying this I feel like gameflip don’t take this as a proof, but that is something important, if You Buy these codes and are only redeemable but don’t work everytime You place the order, would You feel scammed if the gameflip support gives these orders to the seller’s favor? In spite of the proof and the Problem You face? Just because the seller sent proof that the cards are redeemable but that doesn’t mean it will pass through an order. Please understand me!, I already talked with Walmart support and they say I need to talk with the Walmart gift card via phone to solve this, no thanks and I would do it in the case the seller was kind to support me with this Bad code but no, instead help, was very bad and just wanted the money and sell me something wrong so I did what I need in my own I won’t accept anything else than refunding My money of these orders.

The support only says to wait but they don’t do nothing and take to much to respond one answer.
If I have to fill a chargeback with My bank I Will do it as the last option and would be the last time to buy cheap gift cards to avoid the hassle because I won’t lose $150 in gift cards, if gameflip don’t help. I wasn’t able to use these codes because are useless but I think the seller stopped selling because this seller could have withdrawn the money after this problem and that is not My problem. Lyskayshop (legit seller I have bought from him several times) and black Friday Shop, seller were reasonable sellers because after sending them proof that their codes were not working in Wal-Mart in my case they refunded me without issue but this seller associated with this ticket was rude did not provide any solution and said me to not buy never from him just because his code did not work, very unprofessional. The live chat from gameflip barely works, Tyler was the one who supported me in live chat. The ticket associated with these orders to be refunded is: ticket ID 815510

Order ID: 0704b31f-9e68-4408-9cfa-ade5c35de74d Listing: $100.00 Walmart

Order id: 8a16462f-7871-4c29-8d53-d3a0b8758338
Listing: $50.00 Walmart

I am not spamming but if I don’t complain I would really lose the chance to get my money back.
The support takes a lot to check tickets.

@DarkKnight @MajorTom @argethalm @DunnBiscuit

All fine, we don’t treat it as spam here and your problem can be fixed somehow. So to withdraw, it may take atleast two days after transaction is complete and I’m saying this as one more seller. If seller really withdraw this, so it won’t be that easy to gameflip refund you. You may either remain ignored or gameflip just adding $150 to your account

Oh don’t do that quickly, I guess it’s a easy way to get your gameflip account banned or locked as a costumer, think carefully do you want to buy anything else on gameflip?

I’m selling some gift cards also, they are not cheap but they are fine and trustworthy, you can get gameflip’s promo codes to get some safe discounts, I just don’t have Walmart codes right now

You can get some codes on this forum topic

Once again, as a seller, I’m 100% sure that Black Friday deals doesn’t exist, the fees to sell and withdraw on gameflip remains the same and I don’t think this will be a reason to get lower, as we have seller subscription to lower fees

Oh hey, and talking about Black Friday, There is a nice probability to you find more gameflip promo codes and to the flash deals sell some cheap gift cards

Flash deals is a gameflip account, a seller account and I’m almost sure it’s owned by gameflip itself, it’s a pretty common user mentioned by gameflip’s twitter account when they are offering discounted gift cards

And for now, it’s all I know about safely getting cheap gift cards. Remember to use the forum to get some more hints to safe trading

Thank you for the reply. Sorry I corrected the seller name. And the seller I mentioned were trustworthy because they understood and refunded me asap.
The problem is with the other seller linked with the ticket, that gameflip did not take in account that codes can work by just redeeming but as soon as we use it, after hours it doesn’t mean will get a successful order in Walmart in this case so they did not base in that making this decision to the seller’s favor.
I wouldn’t reverse the charge as long as I receive my money back because is so unfair to buy something that doesn’t work and gameflip gives this to seller’s favor in spite of all the proof of not working and alerts from Walmart

All they require from seller is purchase receipt and payment receipt, replies from company’s support (Walmart in this case) and error messages screenshots work as a evidence to win the dispute as a buyer, waiting for darkknight to view this topic is enough so he will just reverse the transaction from completed to cancelled and a refund will be displayed on your gameflip account transaction history, don’t actually means the money will be deducted from seller account as this may happen the money is not enough anymore, I guess he gets a suspension?

In this gameflip help article, you will find what you need to quickly win/lose disputes on just a few messages

Thank you, now it is up to gameflip, tickets are already done.

Don’t worry too much about the alerts, whatever they say, just explain to Walmart you purchased this on gameflip. A succesfully redeemed code can still be refunded as it’s against the rules to sell codes that causes damage to buyer’s accounts

With purchase receipts, they can see what kind of code seller got and where he found it, and then gameflip can look what kind of gift cards the seller is getting

You can still get the refund for a few more reasons

  • there is no purchase receipt sent by the seller
  • code wasn’t clearly described before the buyer purchased the code
  • code is not the same as described on purchase receipt
  • seller lies about the issue to you, and wins the dispute telling another story to gameflip

This is a way to get a redeemed code flagged as fraud, they just fool the bank and successfully fill a charge back. Some also flagged as stolen, seller have the purchase receipt and just fools Walmart telling the code was suddenly redeemed by someone else. This depends more on the company, ask Walmart support what the fraud code means.

If the code is just flagged as suspicious, this means you can’t use for some reason (hm maybe you got a Australian code but you are from UK, so there is a foreign currency trying to be used to pay for your stuff) or they just doubt the code is yours

Definitely these cards were not purchased physically because the seller show me the history of the attempt of the use of the code, when I was trying to use the codes and did not work, and called me ripper. I sent this to the gameflip support that these codes are intact balance and not used because I can’t. And you can see this codes where purchased from his own walmart account because the code is saved in his account and he can see everything of the history. The code is united states and my account is the same from united states.

Basically the cheap gift cards exists but there is no serious and trustworthy gift card store that will sell it everyday

It’s already suspicious enough to even have the history of the transactions, some companies won’t even let you verify if your code is redeemed or not without actually redeeming it

It just says “Walmart purchase made” and “Walmart”, it don’t even say what you tried to purchase. The amount on “transaction” column is just the same, it deducts $97 and then adds $97, seems like the card is was just blocked and you can’t do any purchase until unblocked

As mentioned on the link I sent “how to open dispute”, it needs to be fullscreen, uncropped and NOT EDITED so the seller should just lost the dispute as this don’t seems to be a legit card sold.

The reason you lost is just because transaction history can be used as evidence, but the buyer itself should send it

Also the gameflip support team is like 5 people to solve thousands of issues and tickets daily so they are just rushed and rather quick dispute

It’s all going to end good when @DarkKnight reads our conversation, sounds like gameflip support was just fooled by this seller and rushed enough to don’t see your evidences, they usually checks the seller side first as they like to see order completed and receive money from sales fees.

Everything is normal, everything should end good

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I have a nice theory, as he purchased the card with his own Walmart account so only his Walmart account can spend the credits? Like a account locked code

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Yes maybe this seller was trying to block every purchase I made so result my order cancelled everytime in different time frame. Like after 1 hour, 3 hours. He should had the control over this gift cards by just being able to redeem this cards aside me, like he is the primary account to have this codes redeemed in his account.

The truth is that buyer have a month to rate transaction and it’s something like a final decision as it can’t be edited or removed, unless if you ask gameflip support so they just do the trick after you rate the transaction

Also on disputes, if gameflip completes or cancel order, only who is on victory can rate so some people just gives up with the disputes, proceeds with completing order and complains about the behavior on a bad rating. Or the order just automatically completes after 3 days (or 5 days on dispute) and there is still over 20 days left to rate seller so sometimes they rate the bad stuff about the code not working

he does the trick after you rate. I usually let the code with a message “pls good rate” and people actually and quickly give me good rates, but as my code is good they never come back just to message me a card issue

Seller profile: walmart - Gameflip

Bro terrible idea, I never saw a seller that got 4 bad reviews on gift cards in just 2 months and had the account created on September 2022 (2 months ago), I never would buy from a seller like this I took over 10 months to my first bad review. 2 months after my account creation I was still in trouble to withdraw for the first time

Your problem will be solved and this seller banned for sure, it’s just the same reason why gameflip doesn’t allow visa/Mastercard prepaid gift cards to be sold, it’s not a card that just adds money into your account, the money keeps on the card and seller can spend later

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That’s it, whatever he is scamming or not, the gift cards must be able to online redeem, gift card to only physical stores is not allowed even if you got physical gift cards

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom Can you please intervene in the ticket mentioned already? As you are the one who is reading and understand the situation. Thank you for understanding.

@SenhorCrystal Thank you very much. These gift cards are more complicated than people think because it is not only about to redeeming but all order takes a while to ship and that is the problem. I never complete unless I get shipped. And the seller is a complete scammer. He also called me scammer or ripper just because his card did not work. His codes were already flagged as fraud so this is happening to me and to some other users that don’t complete instantly the order to see whether it acutally works or no and finally is clearly visible that the cards have the same balance that has been not touched since it doesn’t proceed the order so that is not justification to call scammer when it is not possible to use…

I rated to this guy so he will have problems. He also called me ripper and rated me bad.

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Rest assured that I won’t use the card because I am not that kind of user so that would not be possible to scam the seller as I cannot do because of the problem with his codes so there is no way.

Hello @usergx!

Just to let you know, when you are constantly adding the same issue de different topics or creating topics with the same issue, it is considered spamming. So you can feel free to create only one topic and add all the information you need in there, just like you did here ok. You can also send us a PM, just like you did, that is no problem. We will take a look for you as soon as possible.

Also, I can see that your first issue was already resolved and that the Support Team unlocked the account for you successfully. So I’m glad that you have access again.

Now, regarding your case, I can see here that you informed the following:
“I already talked with Walmart support and they say I need to talk with the Walmart gift card via phone to solve this, no thanks…”

In this case, if the Support Team at Walmart requested you to contact another team, I recommend you to contact them to verify what happened. There could be a specific issue in which they are able to help and resolve it for you, but without calling you will not know.

Also, the Dispute Team already closed your dispute regarding this issue, but I will do a follow-up check with you through a PM to see what can be done and I will further verify with the team what can be done.

To start, please do as the Support Team at Walmart informed and see if the Walmart Gift Card team through the phone can help you with your case and try to see if they can send proof that you called through an email, so you can show it to us, in case they do not solve your issue.

Godspeed! :trident:

The problem is that I cannot call abroad. It is unfair that I need to talk with them when the problem is not mine with a code someone sold me a faulty code

I understand @usergx, no worries. In that case, is there a number from Walmart in your country that could help you verify this?

Now regarding it being fair or not, you need to provide information that the issue is not coming directly from your account and maybe contacting this specific team could give you some answers. If the Support Team from Walmart requested this, they could help in your case.

Godspeed! :trident:

They are available at chat live but they don’t save any record and they did not help with the problem with the code.

I just want to say you that after I provided that the code did not work for the other sellers that sold me these cards they understood and refunded me asap. And still I did not use their codes. Even If I want I can’t. I think that says fair enough. Also the code are not yet used so there is not a problem with refunding
I know I maybe be new at Walmart but that doesn’t justify the fact that I am forced to receive problematic codes…

And the one who should do is the seller that sold me these cards not me why I need to find out who’s the fault ? The seller did not stress a little bit to help out or replace or guide or refund nothing and nothing instead criticize and was rude