Scammed with Gift cards

Hello @usergx!

That is why we need proof and further information. To guarantee that it is not an issue with your account or that you used the code.

Also, your Gameflip account was locked because a dispute was opened on all 9 of your last orders. So our system deteceted suspicous activity from your account because of this.

So in order for me to help you through here, as an exception, because the disputes were already closed and amount sent to the seller, you need to provide proof so I can check. Unfortunately, without your help to provide proof, I’m unable to further help in your case.

The seller believed that their code did not have any problems and followed with the dispute process. You also believe that your account does not have any problems and followed with the disupute process. That is what we recommend. If you and the seller are not able to resolve the issue or reach an agreement, then escalate the dispute to us so we can verify.

On one of the images you sent through ticket, the cards in which you are informing that have issues can be seen registered on your account and a message stating “Unusual account activity” above an order, can be seen. So proof is needed from your side to understand that the issue is not coming directly from your account for these specific orders.

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Ok I will try to provide. Just wait for my answer to provide further help. Thanks

No problem, I will wait for your response here.

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It is clear that the problem is not with the codes, but with your account bro, if you are not in the US and you open an account at Walmart be sure that you will not be able to use the gift cards that are inserted there, as the anti-fraud system of Walmart is activated platform. These codes would work for someone who has an American Walmart account and lives in the United States.

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If that’s the case so it just needs to verify the purchase receipt because they includes further information about the region restriction, Australian codes for example is cheap enough to sell as a USA code 10% OFF and still get a profit on it, there is like no verification and anyone can purchase any code and post on gameflip on the way they want. If that is really the issue so his problem was already solved as sellers needs to send purchase receipts on dispute. It may happen the purchase receipt is fake/edited, asking company support, screenshot reply, upload redeem error message screenshot sounds enough

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I get it. I am in contact with Walmart. So they will let me know soon what they can do hopefully. Thanks for the help. I didn’t know Walmart is international as amazon that sucks I will sell it or with the help of I friend in united states to use these codes.


That’s just a general example, all companies can sell international cards if they want, specially US as the United States is famous for a large list of international and worldwide companies

No one rules on me (except gameflip), I’m brazillian and I can sell cards for over 100 countries, including US cards (already selling some US cards also)

I mean just in this case that there is restrictions for a international buyer

There is restrictions even for global cards :frowning:

Don’t wory I have friends in united states. This will be a favor I will just stop using gameflip.

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I have other place to go.

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Yep, some local retailer stores for gift cards in your city/market

The reason of region restrictions is just price. How much is GTA V in the US? $20 USD I guess, I don’t have a US steam account. But with $20 USD you can buy a $100 BRL card (Brazil) and get a GTA V for $32 BRL and it’s like $6~7. It’s just because they are doing their best to sell in that country, even earning less while there is countries that all they gives is a global card

Let me explain
If there is US cards and global cards for a company, so you should get US cards

If there is no US cards but there is global cards, so you should get global ones

Global ones are only redeem on UNKNOWN countries and their objective is adding the possibility for worldwide redeem

So if there isn’t anything else than global cards, this means all the world is unknown countries and it just creates worldwide card

The strategy “Global cards only” (like roblox already does for example) is good for the company as all countries get charged the same price so they earn the same, and the only good thing in global cards for us is… hm… except no discounts, we can redeem anywhere and there is no region issues? And no scams like this one?

Almost no good things to be honest on region restriction, some people do tricks to buy and then sell/redeem another region card to get at least cheaper games but the only reason it’s forbidden on gameflip is that this can cause damage to the buyer’s account

I will close the thread because I solved it with Walmart directly.

Hello @usergx!

Glad that your issue was solved.

Could you please provide us the solution that Walmart gave you and where you contacted them to get your issue solved?

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Hi @DarkKnight ,
I mean I contacted the walmart support just to remove those limits from buying outside United states because that was the problem as Goncalo_MigueL mentioned. I was able to use the gift cards.
Now everything is solved but can you remove the bad rating that this seller gave me please.
By the way to avoid this in a future the sellers just let know the buyers to have a US restriction And not buying from outside united states because there will not be possible, so we avoid this problem in the future. Having a US restriction doesn’t mean to not use this outside United states just to redeem in an US account if that was the case all the cards from US wouldn’t work for international purchases.

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Hello @usergx!

Thanks for the information.

That is why it is always good to contact Support and understand the situation before making a decision.

A special thanks to @Goncalo_MigueL for your input on this case :tada:

Now, regarding the rating removal, please check the topic below:

Also, keep in mind that inside the Gift Card page on Gameflip there is a section that shows the country restriction of the Gift Card (example below). In case you are purchasing from outside that location, there could be possible issues when redeeming because of the rules and security measures of each store.


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