Seller canceled sale for no reason

Seller gamesgames is not honoring a sale. They claim to have sold the item for the wrong price but any other legitimate online or physical store has to honor the price they publically list. This user needs to be banned for deceptive selling practices. The order number is bd13b97c-9771-4e68-b9eb-50dbc6010ab6

Please do the right thing and suspend this sellers account until they honor the sale. Just because they made a mistake does not let them off the hook to fulfill their contract. I purchased the item in good faith and they were fully aware of the price they sold the item for. They should not be allowed to continue to sell using deceptive practices.

Hello Infinite,

Thanks for sharing this with us. I can see that the buyer already refunded you for this purchase. Since his other listings are fine, and this really looks like a typo mistake, I will keep an eye in case it happens again.

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