Seller requests downloading 3rd party software to 'redeem the code'

I just discovered this scheme and I wonder if it’s allowed on Gameflip. To those who are comfortable with this, I would like to ask if you can react in time when the user sends a file to your computer and runs it in less than 5 seconds. I am not a computer expert but I used to pull this trick with my friends when I was in middle school.

There is a similar method that was popular years ago and still happens sometimes. A website popup asks you to call a number since it’s infected by a virus. The person on the line will ask you to download a 3rd party software so that they can fix your computer. In the end, you’ll lose all of your personal information and lots of hassle (if not money).

Only way I can see a 3rd party software to be downloaded is for codes that require software check. Like the codes from AMD purchases that require an AMD chip or graphics card. However, even with these the individual on the other end can verify with their devices and then give you the code for the item, so not really needed.

I would report the user and let them handle it, I would also just block them.

Seller should not require buyers to download software to redeem anything. We need to ask Gameflip to remove those sellers then!

That’s what I’ve been thinking. I read the listing of this seller and found out other violations, too.
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