Seller(s) stealing my thumbnails and profiting off them

I was wondering if I can report sellers who are using my thumbnails/images on their listings. It is very frustrating to see how anyone can simply take your hard work and just brush it off as if they created it. The images all have my name watermarking on it but the seller seems to not really care.

This is the seller in question that is currently using my thumbnails/images without my permission

Here are the listings currently using my thumbnails from this seller:

I am also afraid this may mislead buyers into thinking this seller is me and would very much greatly affect me. If there are any staff members I’m able to talk to about this, please let me know! I’m also able to provide the original template that I use and the commissioned artist that I associate with if necessary.

My profile code is “NFJW68” and this is my profile to show these are originally my images:

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Yes you can report them. You can create a ticket to support first. and provide the ticket ID here. (on this post)
@DarkKnight @MajorTom
It might take quite a while for a reply though.

You could DM staff (usually DarkKnight). It probably will take a while for a reply as well.

fyi - I am just a normal buyer/seller. Have experienced people using my pictures for their listings as well. (Pictures that has my profile pic)


Awesome! I believe I’ve already reported the seller in question which I believe opens up a ticket to support? I’m not sure myself but I was emailed back saying that it would take 1 - 2 business days like usual support.

Yes it does create a ticket but if you reported via the listing/profile, you can’t add attachments (pictures) and usually there won’t be a reply back. (Based on my experience)

It would be better to create a ticket directly. You can provide all the information there and there will always be a reply even if it takes quite a while sometimes.
And providing the ticket ID here afterwards would give

to be able to check for you if their on forums. (If support did not reply you yet) (Again, I’m not sure how long it would take)

Alright, I’ll do that first. Thank you for your replies! What option should I select for “What is this request about?”

I’ve sent a ticket to support now, the ID for the ticket is 771330. I’ve explained as much and attached as many attachments as I could.

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I do not think anything was done to stop them from using my images, their listings are still up and actively using my images. Did my ticket have any effect or can other sellers just freely take other people’s work and pawn it off as theirs?

No, they can’t as long you have the evidence. Did you receive any reply on the ticket? If not, it means that it has not been checked. There will be a reply even if nothing will be done.

If you did not receive a reply yet, I really don’t know how long it would take. Some of my tickets I made in the past took days for a reply and some above a week+

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Yes, they have replied saying they will look into it but it’s been 4 days after they replied and the seller I’ve reported is still there using my images.

Should I be making another ticket? The seller recently made a sale using my image and I’m quite disappointed that support hasn’t really done anything to stop them.

Could you show a screenshot of the reply?

Usually people would get a warning first when they break rules. (Depends on which rules too) But some doesn’t care and do it again and it is needed to report again.

You can reply in the ticket to ask about it or make a new one, it’s up to you.

Forums has been slow lately. You could also do this ^^^

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Hello Shigihara,

I saw that one listing was still on sale, so I removed it and warned the user.

Please let me know if he continues to use your images.


Awesome, I appreciate that!

I’ll post updates if they continue their behavior.

@moderators I’ve encountered this problem again where there’s someone using my thumbnails once again. Private messaged one of the moderators already but I’m awaiting response.