Selling Giveaway

A seller is selling dozens of “raffle entires” or “giveaway entries” for a CHANCE to win a digital code

that is not allowed u can report his or leave his store link here so admin take actions


It says that I cannot post the link

“sorry cannot post a link to that host”

Also, I have another topic regarding a person who is selling instagram follows and likes, nobody responded there yet

I got a message saying they marked the message i tried to send as spam? What the heck?


u can post store links here as most people do

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I know. But it wont let me, it says "sorry cannot post a link to that hosts website or something’

eyyyy he got banned

ALERT!!! He is now viable for ban evasion. He made a new account with the exact same listings and is selling again!!! @DunnBiscuit

another raffler