Selling ROBLOX Adopt me items

Discovered that the minimum to withdraw skrill money to my bank is $10 so I’m a couple dollars short. If you’re interested in any Adopt me items I have listed, feel free to buy. They’re mainly Christmas eggs, Rats, a few non-rare toys. There’s two listings of Bubble gum simulator pets. Once these listings have been bought, they won’t come back, except for the rats. I’ve got a ton of regular rats on Adopt me.

If you want me to up the price of an item, let me know. Example: You want to buy x8 rats for $2, I can make that listing instead of you buying 2 different x4 rats listings. I won’t lower the prices due to fees, sorry. :slight_smile:


I was on your page earlier but you don’t have any items right now. Do you have any tips or tricks on where to get great prices on items so I can restock my collection?

Haha, that’s because this post is from last year! :slight_smile: My only advice is to go to the category, put what you’re looking for (Example: Neon Turtle) and sort the category by lowest price.