Selling vbucks (gift)

I know it was discussed before selling vbucks through the gifting process is frowned upon because it takes 2 days of being friends before epic will allow you to gift a skin on fortnite…would this apply if I specifically state in a listing i will only sell to a currently existing friend? I have probably 4000 people added id be willing to bet one of them would be interested in some discounted vbucks


Hello @Dylan_Hoofer,

I think that this is okay.

As long as you clearly show in your listing that they must be added 2 days before you can gift them the v-Bucks, it should be fine.

There may be people that ignore this and want you to cancel the purchase because of this.

Double check with Gameflip to be safe.


@Aeralo I need a response from gameflip. Your word isn’t going to save me from a warning considering you’re not a mod

Hello @Dylan_Hoofer,

Yes, I understand.

That’s why I said:

Hello @Dylan_Hoofer,

You can see that under Virtual Currency / Cryptocurrency in the following link is stated the following:

  • Selling any premium virtual currencies that are exclusively purchased from game publishers and developers.

So in this case, Gifting also counts as a sale of Virtual Currency and is not allowed on Gameflip.

Have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:


This is a good point…

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^^^The currency you mentioned , Robux (Roblox) and others can be traded from person to person by trading items for currency. There is no trading on Fortnite for Vbucks. One can only obtain Vbucks by themselves.

Yes, that is also a Virtual Currency. Article did not state that all virtual currencies are not allowed.

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Vbucks aren’t exclusively sold by epic tho. You can buy them at any big name store and on several websites


As Sparkling Juice mentioned, different games, different methods. So there is nothing we can do from here at the moment.

We are trying to block this type of listing, as there are many users who take advantage of these 2 days, so it was not safe for the buyers.