Send multiple skins

The idea is that you get not one offer per skin from the bot, because it needs a lot of time to send them one by one. (About 50 skins per day where you always have to say you want to trade on steam and on the steam app :/)
Another feature I would love to see is a bump button you can use for example one time per day or every second day so it is like you posted the sale new

Otherwise it’s quite hard to sell your items in the skin section, because after one day nobody checks them anymore since there a many new and there is no tab for reduced skin so not even cheaper prices help. Only thing you can do is relisting them.

Have a nice day

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Just found another post asking for the multiple items telling this is in development

Anyways will it come soon? Or still far future?

Hi @max_bachmann thanks for the suggestion. We definitely feel the need for a bulk listing of skins and it’s already in development. We can’t commit to a specific date for launch, but it’s in the works! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the answer
That’s great to hear and I can’t wait for it :slight_smile: