Some suggestions

Hello, first of all, I want to start saying that I’m not sure how this suggestion would affect the Gameflip economy or if this would be something bad for you.

  1. Reset the possibility of earn credits after a month or few months or by completing certain amount of surveys to help you guys (with limits to avoid abuse). I would like to keep getting credits.

  2. Surveys to earn credits (I’m not sure if this is good for the business, but I guess you could affiliate with one of those typical surveys compilation and you could get monety for it)

  3. The thing about twitch, how is it going to work?, can you give some information about the amount of credits you’ll give and based on what you’ll give them? because I’ll be at the twitch channel 24/7 hahaha

  4. Keep going with the amazing sales and offers, I guess you’ll do something special on christmas ^^

These are my suggestions so far, I hope you like them.

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I would like to suggest some sort of bookmark/watch type of button. I think this feature would be beneficial for users who simply are wanting to go back to a certain item that caught their attention without having to continuously scroll through the app.


Hey! Great suggestions. I’ll clarify some points below:

You can continue to get Credits! There’s no limits to how may Credits you get – OTHER than the Friend Invite! Friend Invite is capped at $60 (give or take some promotions), but in terms of TOTAL Credits you can earn. Well. That’s infinity hahaha.

We’ll keep that in mind! We have a lot of other ideas though that we want to do though hahaha

NOPE, NO IDEA RN LMAO. Like I said, we have a TON of ideas for other things that we want to do so Twitch has been put on the backburner for now! Our focus for the near future is fixing bugs (we are only like 1 month old :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, we’re still working out kinks!!) and implementing fun new promotions and events. Once things stabilize a bit, we can shift our focus to Twitch and stuff! Trust me, we all wanna get started on it too, we think its gonna be a TON of fun :purple_heart:

We will! And we will have cool stuff up until Christmas too!

YOU READ OUR MINDSSSSSSS. One of the upcoming features we’ve been working on actually works this way. Think of it as a “Like” and “Follow” kind of feature – much like how social media works!

:dizzy: STAY TUNED ~~~~~~~ :sparkles:

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Oh yeah, I meant reset the possibility of getting credits by inviting friends* xD

I love this app, wow, I can’t wait for upcoming games.

Thank you for reading my post and taking it in consideration :slight_smile: really appreciate it that you guys listen to the community, you manage everything in what I consider the right way.