spam from fushida games

ok i have a problem, couple days ago i rated fushida game a negative because his code didnt work. so tell me why he had his little lackey (cheap Game Supplier) post “Guaranteed you must win a game only from list below” its not compatible with “and many more” have not sense, so this is fake will be reported;and posting it on every one of my listing even though im legit,so what should i do if this happens again

Please always reach out to support for any harassment issues you may have with another user and we’ll be able to better assist and take any further actions with that user.

on top of what bur said, please make sure to take screenshots as well so gameflip can see them before any get deleted or listing goes down, etc. Get the evidence and send it to gameflip.

but will he get banned cuz this inst the first time he spammed me

sorry wrong one the last message doesnt apply to the conversation