spamming every 20 mins with same offers

Hello everyone, that guy is spamming every 20min with same offers on rocket league for ps4. I have messaged before about spamming guys and it was small effect on it, but it was. @DarkKnight @MajorTom
Here is his page: Adsiboy123 - Gameflip
Can you, guys, do something with that? Ive enclose some examples

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just talk with him. He said like - If i have and want sell my stuuf i do that. Weird

He just removing his posts with my comments

Report him and contact support with proof of the multiple listings.

I remember you, you were helping me with spammers, that was little effect on that time, but thery are spamming still

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As @RE5TY said in another post, patience pays off.

If Gameflip see the us reporting constantly then eventually they will do something.

Everything takes time.

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@MajorTom @DarkKnight Can i get any answer?

Hey @little_dog,

I believe you replied to a similar topic last year.

Please search up similar topics before creating a new one because you probably get the same answers.

Your best bet is to report spammers as many times as you want and be patient. I often notice spammers I reported disappear for a week before returning.

Can you just check previous topics? You will see everything

Hello @little_dog,

We have verified and sent a warning to the user ok.

Keep in mind that we are always analyzing the spam situation and will probably create more specific rules in the future to better address this issue.

God Speed! :trident:

Hello and thank you! Ill keep inform you and support team about these spam`s.

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