Stolen gift cards can shutdown your business

Hi Guys, So basically I am a new Bay seller, I dropship from amazon, my business relies on gift cards, this week I purchased a $100 gift card here to fulfill orders on Amazon, suddenly, amazon shutdown my account with $100 worth of gift card balance, It’s all I had, it’s painful when you start your business like this, obviously now I have to refund the buyers from my own money while the seller who sold me the gift card - the stolen gift card - is enjoying it, Gameflip should take action against those scammers who ruined our business.

this is why you always as for the receipt as amazon banns a lot of people for this unless they provide the receipt to show it’s not stole so for your future purchases for amzon gift card ask for it so if u got banned u contact the amazon support and they will unbann you

You can’t use gift cards for “business” due to Amazon ToS.

I gift cards bought in cash with receipt and they still took it. $1000