Support not helping?

Is the support team not helping anybody else besides me?

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Please note that Support receives 100s of tickets daily on top of continuing helping open tickets and all other related Support issues. Please be patience as all tickets will be answered and has nothing to do with helping one user over another.

Also please note that on the weekends/ holidays they are not available, so if you email them friday night they wont be able to respond until Monday or Tuesday. Hope this helps.

I bought $100 steam gift card and the seller scammed me. And the support wont help me because I rated him

As stated in our Buyer Guarantee as well as the pop up you have to acknowledge when finalizing a transaction states that once you rate and complete the transaction, you agree to have receiving the item.

When you rate the Seller, you’re saying I received the item and it’s good. In short, always inspect (in this case redeem the gift card) before rating the seller.