The buyer used the steam key and returned the money (SJ3BHG)

Hello! I would like to know how I should be in this situation. The buyer bought steam kеy “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD”. I sent instructions and provided support for activating the game. But the client opened the dispute. As a result, the game is on his account. The dispute was closed and money was returned to him. So, I have no money and no key.

The same situation happened with the key of CS GO

It is buyer who needs to close the dispute, not you.

I did not quite understand. What do you mean? Explain, please. Sorry for that question.I just want to understand the situation. And I want to understand what I need to do. I do not want this to happen again. Thanks

Hello! Can you please send me the order IDs so i can look into this further and give you the precise information?


Hello! My code SJ3BHG.

MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD (I lost my money and key)
Order ID

COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE (I lost my money and key)
Order ID


Unfortunately nothing can be done here due to two reasons:

Telling users to use VPN to activate keys is forbidden here. So as a warning, do not list items with such instructions.

Directing users to a external website is also forbidden. If the game is from Steam, the max you can instruct the user is how to redeem it within Steam.

If i see this happening again, your account might end suspended.