This is annoying No Justice Account Suspended

So I made a comment about a month ago about my account being suspended after I FINALLY got contacted they said because I made to many requests because codes weren’t working for me I can get suspended for that reason. BASICALLY, if you complain too much because your computer refuses to accept codes then guess what. You’ll get suspended. That’s what happened to me and I had about $55 in this thing all lost due to my complaints. If my computer is the problem doesn’t mean my account is at risk. It’s really stupid. I really want my account back and refunds for all the codes that I did buy but I couldn’t redeem of my computer. @DunnBiscuit You can’t really say that complaining too much at the same time can get you banned. If you need to add that to the list of rules then do it. OR at least warn me. But at the same time, some of those codes had been going on for a month or so and no responses. So again. Because you couldn’t respond in the time you stated in the emails you sent. Which is 2 - 4 BUSINESS days? When it was about 3 - 4 weeks my account got banned for that as well. I just wanted to get money for my fortnite account. Clearly, I’ve invested in this for nothing. Please send out warnings in the future if you can’t deal with all my problems at once. But as far as I’m concerned I’m really not to blame here. You’re lack of response. And my computer being silly got my account banned.

Really hope my account gets unsuspended
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Stop lying. Your computer isn’t stopping you from redeeming. If it is somehow then redeem on a different device. You aren’t owed a refund because you can’t figure out how to use a working code. Codes are one time use and can’t be resold or it puts the second buyer and seller at risk.

I’m pretty sure you have received warnings about the ridiculous amount of posts you keep making about this issue. Yet you are still posting about the same issue. They ruled against you with good reason and you need to move on and accept that. I’ve bought and sold thousands of codes and never once did a system being silly prevent me or buyers from redeeming.



I already answered you about your case.

If you want to appeal against your suspension, please, contact us at

Thank you.