This site is dying, Please fix it

this site was doing good, last year, and before that,
but since these last updates, it really mess it up
first, we get the requirements to sell within gameflip (since they can’t handle them, by theirselves), also, alot of payments are under review, even if the account is fully verified…
seconds, alot of people are having issues with verifying their phone number
third, we get a rating system, which really doesn’t make sense now, at all
fourth, paypal, being disabled for over a week, which made big sellers lose alot of money,
and now, we get a bug with the relevance page, which means, 60/70% of the sellers can’t sell their items even thought they put them on low price…
Please, just fix the site… or i might just leave.


the best thing to do now,
is revert to the old gameflip that we all love!


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The best thing about this site is that it deters lots of scammers away. However, it is also annoying for new buyers.