Trigon - In-Game Items

I sold this decal. And it said someone has purchased them. I sold them and it says the money will take 1-2 hours. Is there anything wrong on my end orrr? I’m so confused as I’m sure I should’ve got my money

its a scam dont sent anything , (( Sell Confirmation)) is a scammer,
at the top of the comments u can see it say** Comments are written by the marketplace users. Gameflip will never write comments on listings.

Ffs. I thought it was a confirmation to let everyone know that it’s been sold. Do you think if I contacted gameflip they could help me out?

That person probably preyed on you seeing that you are new (0 feedback score). If you gave that person the item in game already then there is nothing to get back, because they never actually paid. Although there are warning labels above the comments, restrictions for new commenters, and bans when moderators catch these scam comments, these things still happen unfortunately, but you can protect yourself in the future by reading the selling guidelines.

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