Update to the malicious case with scammer: Seller is using the item they “sold” to me


The scammer actually created an account with my name except with an letter i instead of L in goldenchan (3rd letter)

She was also retransferred the item back to her account, and since it’s still in her account: serial #.

This proves she has the item…

Below IMAGE is my account

Rolimons is not an official website affiliated with roblox but it is an internet archive site for roblox. This is easily verifiable information and all information on rolimons is accurate. However, I also tracked everything on roblox as well since those who don’t play roblox might not trust rolimons.

First this is my account, my username is goldenchan, with an L, and as you can see my rap has stayed consistent the couple of days. It’s 7:12 when I’m taking the photo.

Here , she still has the item playful vampire that she sold. Her original serial aka the one she said she was going to give to me is still in her account.

Now of course I’m not surprised she chose to retransfer the items. It’s been 14 days of waiting so I’m sure she wanted the Playful Vampire item back in her account.

The website tracked the trades she did. Notice how the guy doesn’t have my hat because it’s an unobtainable item from the past and the account is created in 2022. My account is created in 2009. My username is goldenchan, search it up and you’ll see my account creation date of 10/30/2009* , now search up goidenchan and you’ll see an account creation date of June/1/2022 or coincidentally… the day she was supposed to transfer the item. If you go onto the fake account the name is capitalized for G and C. This is important because roblox usernames take 1000 robux to change capitalization unless it’s your display name which you can change for free. Meaning she got my username capitalization wrong when she was creating this bot account.

My username is goldenchan. Her own trade “proof” shows that… how did she get my name wrong, that’s so mean, but anyway. :sob::sob:

See this is my account called goldenchan.

Below is her account which still has the item.

More proof.

This just shows that if you lie once, you really can’t take it back. The more you lie, the more caught up you get in a web of lies until the truth eventually catches up.

She’s wearing the item again. At this point, I feel that I have nothing to prove since she wasn’t smart enough to not use the item on her main when she claimed she delivered it to me. I guess she forgot about the dispute. That’s so cruel. She argued with me for hours but can forget it so easily because it isn’t her money.

I also have a recording which further emphasizes all these points because, unfortunately, pictures aren’t always verifiable these days.

**The order ID is **

EDIT: here is YouTube link since the site archived my video on veed Gameflip: Scammer is using the item they claimed they sold me

Also video evidence on a streaming site ^^^

And finally, in the video, you can definitely see that see that the account has the vans item which is a limited much closer to 4000 which I was talking about in her inventory. When she transferred the item to this account, I noticed she gained a 4K item, in her profile which I thought was strange. This is me using her second piece of evidence against her as I had noticed that the time was only 800 during the time of the trade… but notice how her photoshopped image has the marmont bag? Her account still doesn’t have this marmont bag she would definitely have if she traded with me (which is proven all through our dispute messages).

Edit: video got archived so I linked the YouTube video as well which I shared with support staff in the dispute section.

Also one last thing. I suspect the reason she had to quickly photoshop an image when I opened the dispute is because she got the fake accounts name wrong. The name is not capitalized for the word golden and chan. This is why she couldn’t just use the original trade picture which she was going to. I’m assuming then, she would have just moved my profile icon onto the fake user’s which would have been much easier.

Do you have a link to the seller’s profile so others who also buy limiteds on here can avoid buying from her? Was going to see if it’s provided in the video but the video is archived.

Yeah unfortunately video got archived, here is the YouTube video link

link: Gameflip dispute

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Here’s her profile but you don’t have to worry about her. It seems she made her account just to scam one person, use the money and dip. Recently there have been a lot of roblox sellers trying to scam such as some blocking me for asking why they’re selling off platform or some, saying they’ll send 3 days after you confirm (lol what), etc. They often do the trick where if you call them out, they’ll cancel the order and refund usually so they don’t get reported but this girl decided to stick to her story even though I already recorded not having received the trade. Plus, her photo she sent as proof was photoshopped (which is in the other topic I created) but she couldn’t even get it right. She also never used the website before (she admitted this) so she probably thought she would have been easily able to get the money, spend it, and dip, when this site is not like eBay. I think most scammers here try more to get you to trust them offsite by saying they’ll sell cheaper there and that way, gameflip can’t do anything. Usually they’ll relist the item if u buy onsite.

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Appreciate. I hope you win the dispute!!

Thank you!

It really sucks too, because this is such an open shut case. The obvious photoshopping, them USING the item they said they gave me* (had a brain fart typing this out). Privating their inventory after saying they traded with me. Then making it public days later and having the item in their inventory. Trading with the fake account when I explicitly stated my account. The fake account join date is conveniently the day of the trade. Finally, just ghosting me after I showed them the video and didn’t even try to defend themselves.

This doesn’t affect them at all, but I’m still waiting on a hundred dollars that I need for a transaction I’ve been saving up for. With my current funds, I am exactly 100 dollars below. And that’s the annoying part. If I miss out on this transaction, I might need to wait ages for another.

I’m pretty sure that in most cases, it’s a bit more complex so that’s why they have longer dispute wait times as it would be a waste of resources to resolve every dispute immediately when that usually doesn’t need to happen. But I really just wish my case could have been solved quicker cause it’s been more than 2 weeks at this point.


Close this post! Issue was resolved. Got my money back.

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