User trying to use his Rep into getting me to stop the Dispute

The user Just M -

is attempting to use the fact that he is verified and has a lot of rep on this site to say that because his code is invalid, it means I used it and I am trying to scam him.

I’ve already filed the Dispute and provided my purchase history on GameFlip and iTunes. My purchase history and current balance both prove that I have not used the code, but he is still claiming that I am the scammer, and there is ZERO chance that his code was invalid.

How do I prevent this from happening to other users, with less rep then someone like him, again?

Now he’s trying to say because I don’t spend 5000$ a day, I don’t have a right to say that I spend a decent amount of money on this site, and that GameFlip isn’t going to side in my favor.

How are people like this allowed to abuse us without punishment?

Hello Volcano, can you send me your ticket(s) numbers via PM so I can check those for you?

Then I’ll be able to give you a proper answer.


Sent a message. Thanks for the reply.

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Heya, it’s been 12 days since I made the ticket, and 6 days since you guys told me I needed to wait 4 days for your investigation to complete.

Is there going to be any resolution soon?

Hello, please send me a PM or comment on the one you sent me so i can check it for you.

It is the faster way for me to respond.

Thank you.

Sure, sent in the same PM that we have had open for this issue.

Hopefully it can be refunded today, it’s been a very long time.


Adding the Order ID here and in the PM so you know which item needs to be cancelled and refunded to me.

Again, would appreciate if this could be a priority, it’s been almost 2 weeks.


You never answered the PM or anything and the ticket is closing in on 14 days old without it being refunded.

Do you think it’s possible to take a look at it today?

Still waiting. 2 weeks just for a refund…

@DunnBiscuit you were online, and able to post a promotion, can you please look into my refund request?

I’ve PM’ed you multiple times, replied to the Request Ticket multiple times with all the information requested, waited the 4 days you told me to wait, replied to this thread AS SOON AS you replied to me, leaving little to no downtime for you to be able to converse with me on this issue.

It’s getting really frustrating that I submitted this request back in the 3rd week of May and it’s almost the 2nd week of June already and I haven’t gotten a response.

Since I made this request, this seller has sold 70 items on the website, and hasn’t had any penalty against him for providing me a bad code. At this point I don’t even care what happens to him, let him keep selling, just please give me my money back so I can continue to use the site, like everyone else.

@DunnBiscuit 8 days since you guys told me I only had to wait 4 days for your response.

15 days since I created the ticket.

You told me to PM you to better communicate, you didn’t answer.

What am I supposed to do? @moderators

Is anyone available to look at my ticket that has been open for 15 days now?

I guess while most you continue messaging in the same thread/message your comments will go into the spam folder for them. I’m just guessing, i don’t know if it is like that.

It doesn’t work like that. I don’t know why I’m being ignored. Maybe cause this user is verified so they don’t want a verified user to look bad or something?

But I’m verified too so I’m not sure what the issue is.

I’m not sure what else to do here. If I dispute the charge on PayPal, they’ll just suspend me, but I need this to be resolved, I need to purchase something for Saturday, and they don’t work weekends, so unless it gets resolved today or tomorrow, I won’t make it in time for what I need.

I’m not adding any more money onto this site until this gets resolved, it’s beyond ridiculous that 85$ takes 15+ days to refund. It’s not even 100$, let alone 1000$ I’m asking to be refunded.

This doesn’t work like you say. Gameflip does not have any preference between users, mate.
Also, being verified doesn’t mean anything but that you just sent your id for them to confirm the identity. It’s not like just because the account is verified means the seller/buyer is 100% trusted and/or recommended by Gameflip, not.

Btw, i am a featured store/seller on Gameflip at the moment and they don’t offer a special attention just for that…
But that doesn’t mean gameflip will go in my favor in case I try to scam someone just because they “don’t want to make a featured seller look bad”.

Wish i could help you with this but honestly the best thing to do here is keep waiting for them to resolve it.

Of course that if you charge back with PayPal you can get your money back but doing so will put your account into a permanent suspension and ,probably, if you create a different one will be suspended as well.

So keep waiting, the issue will get solved eventually. Just need to be patiente

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Well he’s on now so hopefully he’ll respond today.


As said via PM, I solved your issue reported. If you have any other issue, please PM me. I’ll answer you whenever possible.

If you keep spamming the forum, your account will get suspended.

As I said via PM, I apologize for the delay.

Thank you.