Verification and funds are held

Completely passed that my funds from paypal have bee.n held and u have screwed up my money. Please verify me immediately so I can do what I need to do or I will be forced to file dispute with paypal.

You’re denanding for something but don’t even provide any information about. Also, just be patient.

You want the mods to guess which is your account?

Provide your account information, man, use the brain at least before blaming and demanding

Lol seriously that’s way u are going to be ? Great customer service … no offense but you shouldnt freeze people funds without warning. Also your identification thing is horrible takes forever and is glitchy or at least was for me

@Johan_Velasquez isn’t a moderator nor does he represent Gameflip’s customer service.

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I’m not part of Gameflip Staff lol. Never said so.

Btw, you don’t even have rights to say that when you’re the one who starts a report blaming and demanding without respect at all. And could say threatening as well with filling a paypal dispute.

If you want people to be kind to you, then you need to start being kind to everyone as well.


For more information about this process, please check the link below:

Thank you.

Oh I know, I was just telling Chaotoc4me2 that you weren’t because the way he responded made it seem like he thought you were staff haha.

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