Very Desperate for these withdrawls

I know this ksnt normal but i use this site to help the smallest of ends meet, i only have 17 dollars in my wallet atm but need 15$ more to complete the pay on a pawn i have in a pawn shop. The item is well worth over $800. This is really messing everything up as i get payed on Friday but the payment is due wednsday… i dont really know what else to do. I was hoping and praying somehow some way somebody could paypal it to me and as soon as this paypal aithdrawl issue is over, youd get every penny back. Im good for it, i love this website and wouldnt want to do anything to get me in trouble and im really skeptical about asking here but my options are running out… please have a nice day everyone :heartpulse::disappointed::slight_smile:

they said it will be available soon
so you’ll have to wait a couple days :frowning:

Willing to do so but the fact remains if i dont have it by Wednesday than i lose so much property, its ridiculous, my fault partially for pawning in the first place. But i was just hoping someone could help out and what not. I do hope it will be soon as its been 4 or 5 days already